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Here are the funding credits for 101 Dalmatians, a Toon Disney TV show that aired on PBS Kids from 1997-1998.

1st Funding (1997-1998)

Major funding for 101 Dalmatians is provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and by the financial support of Viewers Like You. And by,

  • (1995-1999 Chuck E. Cheese's ident) Chuck E. Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid!
  • (1996-1999 Polaroid ident) And by, Polaroid, exactly what develops when you use a Polaroid camera? A smile, self-esteem, (laughs) Oh yeah, a picture. Polaroid.
  • (1997-2000 7-Eleven ident) 7-Eleven. Anyone can explore the pages of the book.