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Here are the funding credits for Back at the Barnyard, a Nickelodeon show that aired on PBS Kids from 2007-2011. (with reruns from 2011-2021)

1st Funding (2007-2008)

Major funding for Back at the Barnyard is provided by, the National Science Foundation; Where Discoveries Begin. Northrop Grumman Corporation. Defining The Future.

  • (2007-2009 Amazon Grocery Ident) [diapers] Never run out again. The subscribe and save program from Amazon Grocery. Proud to be helping PBS families.
  • (2006-2010 New Balance ident) New Balance is proud to sponsor Back at the Barnyard. Together we're a good fit. Back at the Barnyard encourages kids to celebrate their individuality, and New Balance is with them every step of the way. New Balance, we fit kids.
  • (2007-2012 2K Play ident) Back at the Barnyard is made possible by 2K Play, makers of your favorite video games. Because playing together can make wonderful and incredible things happen.
  • (2001-2008 Intel ident) Intel Corporation is a proud supporter of PBS. The Intel Innovation in Education Initiative provides teachers with the resources to inspire their students, and encourage them to unlock their potential.

With additional funding from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and by, contributions to your PBS station from Viewers Like You. Thank You!

2nd Funding (2008-2009)

3rd Funding (2009-2010)

4th Funding (2010-2011)