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Here are the funding credits for Trolls: The Beat Goes On!, a Netflix show that aired on PBS Kids in 2018-2019 (with reruns since 2019).

1st Funding (2018-2019)

Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is made possible by...

  • (2015-present Land O' Frost ident) Trolls: The Beat Goes On! is supported by the Van Eekeren Family, founders of Land O’Frost; a company that's built on family, helping families grow for generations. And we're proud to share moments of togetherness, from our family to yours, today and everyday.
  • (2018-2020 Aldi Ident) Try differently, taste differently. Aldi is proud to support PBS Kids and programs that support curiosity, exploration, and discovery.
  • (2016-2020 Capri Sun Organic Ident) Play is an inportant ingredient in a healthy childhood. And the best play happens spontaneously. Capri Sun, the maker of Capri Sun Organic is a proud sponsor of Trolls: The Beat Goes On!
  • (2017-2019 Build-A-Bear Workshop Ident) For years, Build-A-Bear Workshop has helped families make memories together, And add a little more heart to life. Build-A-Bear celebrates creativity and imagination. And is proud to support PBS Kids.

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting; a private corporation funded by the American people, and by contributions to your PBS station from Viewers Like You. Thank You!

2nd Funding (2019)