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Only put children's shows that are British, American and Canadian such as Nick Jr., Noggin, CBS, Disney Junior, Fox Kids, Kids' WB, Discovery Kids, Qubo, Nickelodeon, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network. You may also put in old children's shows from the 1990s such as Arthur, and fanmade productions of my channel, WKBS New York.

Feel free to expand it! Also add current funding quotations.

You can also add funding quotations from the same sponsors.

You can also add funding quotations from non-canon sponsors.

Add your own funding quotations from the same sponsors.

VERY IMPORTANT: No non-kids sponsors on kids pages.

MOST IMPORTANT: Don't add the same funding on every page. Make all funding pages different from each other. Don't include the National Science Foundation in all pages, include it in a few pages.

IMPORTANT: Only add one/two/three/four sponsors per funding segment. Do not add in five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten or more sponsors, or you would be kicked off.

Always include sponsors on post-2009 shows.

IMPORTANT: No vandalizing. Those who do it will be kicked off.

To start the funding segment, you must begin with, "Funding for this program is provided by...", "Funding for this program is made possible in part by...", "This program is made possible by...", "This program is made possible in part by...", "This program is brought to you by...", "Now, the people who make this show possible." "This program is brought to you in part by...", or "This program is funded in part by..."

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: No adding in the Viewers Like You/Thank You variation from NOVA in other shows! Only add it in NOVA Funding Credits, Choo Choo Soul Funding Credits and Illustrator Battle (with season 24)!!!

VERY IMPORTANT: At the top of a funding page, type in "Here are the Funding Credits for (program name) a (channel name) show that aired on PBS Kids from (years of airage). You can also rerun the show and put (Reruns) on a funding rerun and put (with reruns from (years it reran) on the top. And if the show currently airs. On the top, replace aired with airs and from with since and put the year it started airing.

SUPER IMPORTANT: No adding in death images!

IMPORTANT: No, JaceBFDI, WillEBob, Rbresinger27, Jordanene7439, Sal Adamita and Hockeyboss EVER!

WAY IMPORTANT: No kids sponsors on adult pages!

If you do not follow the rules, you will get kicked off.


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